Science Websites




Biology 4 Kids

This site will introduce you to the major concepts in biology.  You can search the site, or visit different sections on cells, microorganisms, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, and animal systems.




Middle School




FT Exploring

This site will give you a look into the basic principles that control how things work in nature.  There is a wide variety of topics to explore and the site uses stories and science to explain concepts.




Middle School





The Great Plant Escape

Go on an adventure with Detective "Le Plant" and together you can unlock the mysteries of plant life.  Learn all about plants such as their structure, life cycle and parts.  You can even learn how to grow different plants and do experiments with them!





Upper Elementary,

Middle School


NASA Kid’s Club

Learn all about outer space and planets as you play games and explore NASA's special club only for kids!






National Geographic for Kids

Dare to explore this site which is jam packed with tons of information on a bunch of different subjects.  You can also play games, look at cool pictures and get news updates from around the world!




Middle School



SCI4 Kids

This site will teach you about science in the natural world, about agriculture, and about careers in science.  Click on different parts of the picture on the first page to learn more!



Middle School




Science Whatzit

Come to this site to ask a tough science question that you need answered.  Not every question gets answered, but you can learn a lot from browsing through the questions that have already been answered.




Middle School



Smokey the Bear

Only you can prevent forest fires!  Sign on to learn about Smokey the Bear's story, see where wildfires are happening in the country right now, and play Smokey the Bear games.




Middle School


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