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The Round Lake Area Library provides space for community groups to meet. The meeting room is not available for individual social functions. In order to make the meeting room available on a fair and equitable basis, the Board has adopted the following policies:

Priority for use: The meeting room may be used by groups located in the library’s primary service area which may include county-wide organizations. The responsible agent for any group other than the Friends of the Library or a governmental organization must have a current Round Lake Area Library card or a Driver’s License/State I.D. Priority for the use of the meeting room will be given in the following order:

a. Library sponsored meetings or programs.
b. Friends of the Library sponsored meetings or programs.
c. Non-profit organization sponsored meetings or programs.
d. Other organization sponsored meetings or programs.
e. Other meetings or programs.

The library reserves the right to pre-empt the use of the meeting room for library sponsored meetings or programs although advance notice will be given to the group originally scheduled.

Facilities Available: The library has a large meeting room which will accommodate up to 100 people seated auditorium-style. In addition, this meeting room may be divided into two smaller meeting rooms which may accommodate 25 to 30 people.

Facilities available include: 100 chairs, 10 tables, podium, TV/VCR, overhead projector, DVD/VCR, Computer, and a projector screen. A sink is available in the west meeting room and a white board is available in the east meeting room.

Hours/Fees: The meeting room is available when the library is open. The Friends of the Library may use the meeting room when the library is closed.

Non-profit groups can use the meeting room at no charge. A $100.00 fee is required from all other groups using the meeting room. Fees may be paid by check and will be collected at the time of the application.

Any cost for repair of damages resulting from use of the meeting room will be billed to the responsible agent. The library reserves the right, if necessary, to restrict borrowing privileges of the responsible agent until damages are fully paid.

In addition, for any meeting which extends beyond closing time, an hourly fee will be charged of $25 for non-profit organizations and $50 for all other organizations for any fraction of an hour. This fee may be waived for the Friends of the Library and governmental organizations if the library does not incur direct expenses due to the meeting.

Summary of Use Fees:

Organization Fees Hourly Use Fee After Library is Closed

Non-Profit None $25

All Other $100 $50


Refreshments/Smoking/Tobacco: Refreshments are allowed in the meeting room. The library is unable to provide refreshment supplies or services. Alcoholic beverages, smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited.

Set-Up/Clean-Up: The meeting room should be left in the condition it was found. Trash should be disposed of properly in trash containers. If a group produces a large amount of trash, the responsible agent is expected to provide their own plastic bags and dispose of trash in the library’s dumpster behind the building.

Reservations/Cancellation: Reservations for use of the meeting room must be made on the form available at the circulation desk or using our online room request application. Applications are due at least 48 hours prior to the requested meeting date. Groups will be booked in order of priority and then by the date the application is filed. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance. All groups are limited use of the library’s meeting room facilities to one session per week. In general, only meetings and programs sponsored by the library, the Friends of the Library, or the College of Lake County, are allowed use of the meeting room more than once a week.

Cancellation of a meeting must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the requested meeting date or forfeiture of fees and meeting room privileges could result and the reservation counted as part of the one session allowed per week.

Any Organization (except non-profit): Application for use of the library’s meeting room facilities by all organizations must be made for each requested use of space and will not be processed until the completed application and fee are received.
Storage/Mail: No organization may use the library’s mailing address. Only the Friends of the Library and the College of Lake County may use the library for storage during the months they are meeting. All materials/supplies need to be removed from the library during periods of nonconsecutive (i.e., summer months), scheduled meetings.

Child Care: Child care is not available at the library. Individuals should make arrangements for taking care of their children while they are attending a meeting. Parents/Guardians and children are expected to follow the “Policy Regarding Unsupervised Minors” as well as all other library and patron behavior policies while in the library.

Youth Groups: Groups composed of members under the age of 18 must have an adequate number of adult sponsors in attendance at their meetings.

Film/Video Use: Any group showing films or videotapes will secure all necessary performance licenses and indemnify the library for any failure on the group’s part to do so.

Solicitation: Groups other than the library and Friends of the Library may only collect money to cover program costs or membership dues. Solicitation for any other purpose is not permitted.

Americans with Disabilities Act: All groups using the meeting room must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act when using library facilities and are responsible for providing qualified sign language interpreters or auxiliary aids upon requests.

Room Restrictions:

· Meetings that are not permitted include social events and those that interfere with normal library activities and/or work.
· Substantial change to library facilities is not permitted, including (but not limited to) modification of electrical units.
· Signs and other decorations may not be taped to the walls or doors.
· Library furniture may not be rearranged or borrowed from other parts of the library without permission.
· The library is not responsible for items owned by an organization and left in any of the meeting rooms.
· The library does not provide storage for the property of organizations or accept their deliveries or shipments.
· Library personnel are not available to move equipment or operate equipment, make photocopies, or other such services.
· Organizations may not reassign meeting rooms to others
· Use of hazardous or dangerous materials is not allowed.
· Attendance may not exceed the maximum capacity of the room.
· No admission fees may be charged or collection taken, except for program materials or consumable supplies that participants may take with them. This information must be noted on the application.
· Literature, pamphlets or merchandise may not be sold on the premises, except for items sold during library sponsored or co-sponsored activities.

· The library will set up equipment and arrange meeting rooms as indicated on the application.
· Available equipment is listed on the library’s Application for Reservations and Use of the Meeting Room.
· Organization must provide their own knowledgeable operator for the equipment used in the meeting room.
· The library is not responsible for any damage resulting from use of such equipment.
· Organizations must reimburse the library for any damages that occur to library equipment.

Publicity and Promotional Materials:
· Organizations are responsible for their own publicity.
· All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to non-library sponsored events must clearly state that the meeting is not sponsored by the Round Lake Area Library. Consequently, no group or individual is allowed to initiate, state, or otherwise give the impression that the library is co-sponsoring their event, either in a written or verbal capacity.
· The location of the library should be published, but the library’s telephone number may not be used for any purpose.
· The library is not to be included as a source for further information about the program.
· The library reserves the right to review all communications and advertising concerning all events held at its facility.

Indemnification: Any group or organization using the meeting room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Round Lake Area Library for any and all damages, costs, or injuries which may arise out of its use of the premises. The library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials, or any other personal possessions owned by those using the meeting room.

General Information: The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of the meeting room for just cause; such cause may include, without any limitation, infraction of any policy, meetings which disrupt regular library usage or interrupt staff workflow, or activities which jeopardize the safety of persons in the library.

Use of the meeting room will not be restricted due to the race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, physical limitation or affiliation of groups requesting its use; since the meeting room facilities are open to all types of groups, the library does not necessarily endorse the philosophies or practices of those groups.

Please fill out the Meeting Room Application and return the completed form with a check for $100.00 (required from all organizations except non-profit) to the ROUND LAKE AREA LIBRARY, Attention: Margarita Rodriguez, 906 Hart Road, Round Lake, IL 60073.


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